das peach haus

The original section of our log cabin was constructed on 500 acres of nearby countryside by the Konig family in 1870. Almost a century later, in 1969, Mark Wieser heard the current owners were tearing it down and planning to dispose of the wood and rock. In fact, demolition was already in progress when he made it out to the site, asking the owners if they might be willing to sell. The two parties settled on $150, with another $10 for the necessary rocks. Mark raced home to share the good news with his mother, whose comment has a beloved place in Fischer & Wieser history. “you,” she assured Mark, “just threw away $150.” When finished, this building fulfilled Mark’s dream of having the first permanent roadside fruit stand in Gillespie County, and it served from 1969 until 1978 as the company’s retail space. It later became the second kitchen of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods. It is now a unique private wine tasting spot in the Culinary Adventure experience.


Private wine tasting for groups of 6 or more in the historic Konig Cabin. 

Minimum required is 6, maximum is 12.

Cost is $35/person or $45/person if you would like us to include a charcuterie board to share.


Please fill out the form above, or give Das Peach Haus a call at 830-997-8969

*A minimum advanced booking notice of 15 days is required prior to the date selected*